​Rosemanor is a hobby breeder, located on five wonderful acres in the small college town of Norton, MA.  We consider breeding our dogs a hobby, but only because we love what we do. Having a love of all animals, it comes naturally. Having raised horses and their colts, goats, chickens and pups over the past 25 years here it brings us great pleasure! While we have spent the last 15 years striving to produce quality Terriers with excellent health and temperaments, we have had alot of FUN along the way!

Rosemanor pups are raised in our home and handled from day one as a beloved family member. We raise healthy, playful, mischievous puppies receiving exercise, fun, and love.  Our dogs spend every day with us in our home and around our farm, taking part in the daily family activities. They also enjoy regular outings to our nearby parks and lake areas for extra activities. Always joyful and in the mood to play, They attract lots of attention no matter where we go!

It really is a family affair with everyone taking part to make sure we run smooth, also having fun including the animals we are blessed to care for! The children and now grandchildren are able to SPOIL each pup with so much love and play providing them the best possible start they so richly deserve :0) 

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Welsh Pups;

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